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How to Find Your Antidote to Slay Social Anxiety

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Slay Social Anxiety

One-on-one 6-week transformational breakthrough coaching program
  • Anti Anxiety Formula Bundle
  • Get What You Want Bundle
  • Unshakeable Confidence Bundle

The Social Anxiety Antidote

12-week group coaching program
  • Introduction to Mindfulness
  • 46 Audios Mindfulness Meditation
  • 70 "Mindful Movement" Training Videos
  • Guided Meditation Videos
  • Breathe: How to Stay Calm, Confident and Collected in Event the Most Stressful Situations
  • Overcome Shyness 101: Discover Your Inner Confidence to Overcome Shyness
  • Self-Hypnosis Recordings

Slay Social Anxiety Antidote Bundle

Get access to both Slay Social Anxiety and The Social Anxiety Antidote programs
Get Access to bonuses from both programs +
  • From Socially Awkward to Socially Awesome
  • Self-Confidence Transformation
  • Social Anxiety Survival Kit
  • Law Of Attraction Secrets
  • Meditation Fundamentals
  • Power Of Visualization

Coaching and Hypnotherapy Program

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