Katy Morin

6 Self Care Tips When Times Are Tough

In today's world, we can expect things to go wrong. Between worries about health, finances, family, and all those things we cannot control such as world events, it can be very difficult to practice self-care. It's hard to think about ourselves when we are worried or experiencing upheaval. At the same time, it's more important than ever to practice self-care during times such as these.

What can you do to take care of yourself even when times are tough?

Accept Things Aren't Perfect
By refusing to let go of normalcy and accept things are different right now, you create impossible levels of stress, and unnecessary suffering. The best practice? Step back. Acknowledge what's going on. Realize you might need a different game plan for a while. This puts you less on the defensive and more in control.

Eat Something
You're not apt to feel hungry when you're stressed. When you do eat, you might find yourself grabbing what's easy. This means eating a lot of fast food or empty calories. Your better bet? Start scheduling your meals. Make an effort to eat a balanced diet. Having the proper fuel will go a long way to helping you get through what you need to.

Putting your body in motion when you're under this kind of stress seems almost crazy at first glance. On the other hand, when you are overwhelmed, it's very easy to slip into a routine of inactivity. To fix this, make a point to get up and move around every few hours. It's especially helpful to get outside if you can. Remember, movement has been proven to ease stress, and help you feel better even when things are difficult.

Sleeping isn't always easy when everything is chaotic around you. You might find it easier to sleep if you create a bedtime routine and hold to it. Slow your mind through journaling or other quiet activities which will help you process what you're going through. Do what you need to relax yourself in order to get a good night's sleep.

Talk to Someone
Never try to go it alone. Difficult times call for a support network. Make talking to others a priority. Even socialization over the phone or via video conferencing will go a long way to keeping you on an even keel. If you're really struggling in dealing with this situation, you might want to consider talking to a counselor or other professional.

Do Something to Relax
Lastly, remember to take time to pamper yourself. Look for small ways to give yourself relief. Time out for a bubble bath, to read a good book, or to indulge in hobbies will help restore your equilibrium.
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