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Katy Morin

My mission is to empower individuals struggling with social anxiety by providing them with the tools, support, and guidance needed to overcome their fears and build self-confidence. I strive to create a safe and non-judgmental environment for my clients to explore their thoughts and emotions, and to help them develop the skills to navigate social situations with ease and grace. I believe that everyone has the ability to overcome social anxiety and live a fulfilling life, and it is my passion to help my clients achieve this goal.
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Self-Hypnosis to Boost Confidence

Hypnotherapy can remove the root of your negative thoughts, helping you to overcome social anxiety.

The 5-Step System to Conquer Your Fears - Free Masterclass

In this masterclass, we will walk through a simple 5-Step system that will help anyone control their fear, so they never miss out on life’s opportunities again.

Slaying Social Anxiety: Your Roadmap to Social Success

Learn my 3 secrets to overcome social anxiety!

How to Stop Worrying What Other People Think of You

The journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step… And, the journey for you to live life on your terms by not worrying about what other people think of you, starts when you click the link above…

My Coaching and Hypnotherapy (RTT) Programs

*All sessions can be done in English or French.

Book Single Sessions

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Hypnotherapy - Rapid Transformational Therapy

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) is a powerful and innovative form of hypnotherapy that aims to achieve profound and lasting positive changes in a short amount of time.
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Beyond Quantum Healing

Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) is an advanced healing modality that combines elements of hypnosis, regression, and spiritual exploration to access higher states of consciousness and promote personal transformation.
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Free Discovery Session

This free discovery session is a safe place to connect and explore your challenges, goals, and how I can support you in overcoming social anxiety and achieving personal growth.
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Detailed Discovery Session

In this detailed discovery session, we will establish the presenting problem and the core of the problem and the limiting beliefs attached to it. Once we have this level of awareness, we will able to devise a plan to move you into a solution.

Coaching Testimonials

“Katy helped me understand how to manage negative thinking, identify limiting beliefs, and learn how to challenge them in order to find more positive ways of thinking about myself and my life. She was very attentive and providing a great platform to express myself and my issues! Thank you so much :) She has also travelled the path herself and therefore has solid credibility. ”
“I was coached about my negative thoughts, I see a positive evolution in the reduction and in the intensity.”
"Katy is great and provided useful advice to help get started in the right direction, thanks Katy!!"

Rapid Transformational Therapy Testimonials


I now think in a totally different way each and every day and because of this I am much more focussed due to being so much more relaxed mentally & physically. I think if you are someone who is considering a session with Katy, please do not hesitate, you will simply never look back. Its literally transformational!

Fantastic Therapist

I got promoted, I am less anxious at work, I no longer dread going to work, if I doubt my ability, I remind myself that it is simply an old inaccurate belief showing up briefly. Katy is a fantastic therapist and I feel very lucky to have met her!! Thank you so much Katy!!

Remarkable journey

Ever since experiencing rapid transformational therapy with Katy, my life has taken an exhilarating turn, all thanks to the profound shift in my thought patterns. The once overwhelming mental tension has given way to an unprecedented level of relaxation, allowing me to channel my focus effortlessly. If you find yourself contemplating a session with Katy, let me assure you, there's no need for hesitation. Embrace the opportunity for transformation, just as I did. It's a remarkable journey to an improved self.

Very Good Service.

I would recommend to work with Katy 100%! She is offering and giving a very good service. Including the e-mails she sends, and how she talks, speaks with the client. I felt myself 100% safe during the session.

Very Grateful!

Thank you for helping me Katy, you gave me space to feel my emotions, you guided me towards understanding. I am very grateful! I feel amazing, I know how to focus my thoughts, I own my actions. I focus on the wonderful things that are happening to me, and I know that life happens for me not to me.

More Confident.

I feel more confident and relaxed. I was able to link in a better way many issues in my life and understand how they affected me and how to deal with them. Katy has a very relaxing voice her recording is an amazing relaxing source.

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