Social Anxiety Antidote Mastermind Group

Boost your confidence, master your mind and become less stressed in social situations. Learn tips and tricks to overcome social anxiety in a safe environment with people who understand what you are going through.

Our motto is

#Learn | #Share | #Improve | #Growove

To support one another’s individual online pursuits as well as offline endeavours through offering feedback, constructive criticism, encouragement, resources, and networking opportunities.
As a mastermind group, we do the following:
  • Brainstorm about how to overcome social anxiety
  • Discuss ways to help each others
  • Share victories and defeats
  • Offer accountability
  • Post links to resources, opportunities, events, and articles that might benefit each other.

A Mastermind Group Is Not…
A support group. Support groups offer companionship and encouragement where you’re at. A mastermind group, however, is about moving forward, helping you achieve a goal or dream. To sustain forward motion, all members must be committed to the effort to grow and call each other onward and upward. 
Our Group Is…
A group for people who suffer from social anxiety. We are here to support each other privacy.
The great thing about a closed group is that we can share everything from personal struggles to brainstorms in a safe, private place and receive advice and encouragement from people we know we can trust with fragile things. For us to wholly benefit from this aspect of a mastermind group, we must respect each other’s privacy in these ways…
Topics and ideas discussed in the group are to be kept private within our group, with the mindset that “If it’s not my idea/story, I won’t be the one to make it public”. 

What's included?

  • Weekly Live Video Calls
  • No More Isolation & Feeling Alone
  • Weekly Accountability Checks
  • Gain Massive Confidence
  • Instant Support Network
  • Share Common Issues & Solutions
  • Discord Group To Connect Between Sessions

What our members say

People get to share their stories and perspectives. It is a safe place.
Discussion and support. The Host and meeting like minded people.
Safe and welcoming space for people with social anxiety like myself.
Everyone sharing their experiences.

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