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How To Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Even though you feel safe and secure in your comfort zone, are you really happy inside of it? After all, there’s more to life than safety! What about passion? What about excitement? Wouldn’t you like more joy in your life?

When you have social anxiety, sometimes it’s easier to avoid social situations to circumvent feeling anxious, but in the long run, it’s making things worse.

To experience new heights of joy, the only requirement is a willingness to challenge yourself to break out of your self-imposed limitations.

Getting outside of your comfort zone doesn’t always mean taking giant steps or doing something crazy. Expanding your comfort zone can mean small changes. For example, read a book you usually wouldn’t pick up, learn about something that challenges your viewpoint, or take a language course. Do things that are different than your ordinary daily routine.

Small Ways to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone
To begin experiencing the joy you deserve, stretch yourself!
Here are some ideas you can use to help yourself expand your comfort zone:
  • Take a walk around part of your neighborhood that you don’t normally visit.
  • Go to a different store to shop for your groceries, clothes, or other items.
  • Talk with a neighbor or introduce yourself to people who are new to the neighborhood.
  • Sign up for a college class or an online course in something.
  • Take an art, acting, or dance class. You’ll meet new people and learn a new skill.

You can increase your comfort zone in many ways. If you want to create more joy, think about things you like to do or want to learn about. Expanding your comfort zone is about doing things you like. It’s about showing yourself that you can do more than you thought you could.

Moving on to Bigger Things
Once you’ve taken small steps outside your comfort zone, seek to stretch your boundaries further with greater challenges. If you’re shy, get to know your neighbors. To go further, throw a party or have a backyard barbecue. You’ll enjoy some time with others in your neighborhood while expanding your limits.

Take a drama class, then participate in a play or join an amateur competition to stretch yourself further. These challenges may seem daunting to you, but others in the class will be nervous also. And it’s okay to be a little nervous sometimes. It shows that you’re growing and developing as a person. It shows that you want to live life to the fullest.

Avoid Trying Too Much Too Fast
If you try to do too many things at once, you may become so nervous that you miss the joy that comes from stretching your inner boundaries. Instead, you may experience frustration and lack of motivation to venture outside of your comfort zone again. Take small steps at first, and the success you experience will fuel your drive toward bigger challenges.

Recognize the awesomeness of trying something different.
You’ll always have the memory of the experience within you.
Sprinkle your confidence on others.

If your friends tell you they feel like they never do anything interesting, give them encouragement to go for something they want to experiment with. Share a recent personal story of how you were hesitant to engage in a new experience. Tell them they can learn to embrace new things.

Visualize the desired experience.
Imagine what it will be like to experience something you’ve longed to do. Picture it in your mind.
· For example, maybe you’ve always wanted to go kayaking, but were afraid to try it. Close your eyes and imagine yourself sitting in the kayak, floating down the river. You see the birds, the fauna, and the fish in the water.
· As you let yourself visualize the experience¸ you see that it will be marvelous. Then, go sign up for your first kayaking lesson!
To be truly happy, you must be proactive in seeking the life you desire. If you challenge yourself with activities you enjoy, leaving your comfort zone can lead you to the life of passion and fulfillment that you deserve!

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