Katy Morin

How To Lose Social Anxiety In 10 Days

Social anxiety makes you feel like you’re going crazy when everything you say is being judged and never good enough. But for those who experience social anxiety, there is hope. You can work on losing it in just 10 days by using the following tips to start feeling more confident within yourself and being able to function better in a society that often makes you feel like the worst person ever for not fitting in.

10 Days Are All That’s Needed:
Day 1. Realize that what you fear is irrational and find a way to see others as ordinary and flawed like yourself.
Look at the people who do things well and realize that they are flawed just like you are, however they are accustomed to these flaws and thus can act in an appropriate manner without social anxiety. Make sure to tell yourself that if they can do it then so can you, when you are ready.

Day 2. See how social anxiety is similar to other problems you face.
Most of the time, when you have a problem you don’t know that your situation is a problem because you don’t want to see it as a problem. This is exactly the same case of social anxiety. You often feel like you are not worthy enough or that things will go wrong if they are not done perfectly. Realize that this is false and the same thing as saying you can’t talk to people because you might mess up. Things don’t always have to be perfect, but if they’re not, it’s no reason to stop trying.

Day 3. Understand that social anxiety is not a good reason for you to avoid or excuse yourself from socializing or communicating with others.
Address the issue at hand and take action accordingly instead of dealing with it in a backwards way by avoiding it in the first place.

Day 4. Evaluate what socializing is about and realize that it's only done to make friends and not impress people.
Socializing is all about making friends because that’s what we do as humans. We are an inherently friendly species who want to be together because together we feel protected from the world around us. Without friends, there would be no prestige or fame left but instead, everyone would have to live by themselves without help or any sort of support from someone else.

Day 5. Understand that socializing is all about being comfortable with yourself as well as others.
Make sure to remember that you can’t fake it or force yourself into a social situation you don’t want to be in. It will only make things worse for you, and the longer you stay the more awkward you will feel. That said, if you are comfortable with who you are and what your personality is, then by all means go ahead and work on making friends.

Day 6. Figure out what makes you feel good about yourself and use that as your guiding force during socializing.
Learn how to enjoy being around other people because it’s always safe when everyone around knows how to act in a proper manner regardless of whether or not they know you personally.
Day 7. Reduce your anxiety by changing how you talk to yourself mentally.
Shift your focus from negative self-talk to positive self-talk and learn to start seeing the good things about yourself. Psychologically this can help you rid yourself of the thoughts that make you feel like an outsider and stop doubting everything about yourself.

Day 8. Realize that you are responsible for your own actions and are not responsible for the judgment of others.
You cannot determine whether or not someone likes you or not. Their problems are their own and it’s unfair to take the blame for anything that may happen when you’re around them just because of your social anxiety.

Day 9. Start to build yourself up by learning what is truly important to you and build your life around it.
Focus on who your friends are, what your hobbies are, and your goals in life so that the rest of the time is free for socializing.

Day 10. Do something that makes you uncomfortable every day for 10 days so that you can build up a tolerance and see social anxiety for what it truly is: a temporary state of mind.

Be brave!
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