Katy Morin

Social Anxiety Ruined My life

For years, I had social anxiety, I would do whatever I could to avoid going to places I didn’t know and talking to people I didn’t know. My life was going boringly well until my boss told me: “You need to talk more in meetings, I have the solution. Next meeting, I’m going to sit next to you, I’m going to give you a subtle little nudge, which means you need to talk. Easy right?’’
What does she think? That she just found the antidote for social anxiety, a little nudge, and that’s it? No, it doesn’t work like that.
I was always afraid of looking stupid, afraid of people judging me.
Fear was part of my life every day, apprehension, anguish, apathy. Anxiety about what I said. Afraid of saying something wrong. Fear of rejection.
For years, I let fear destroy my dreams and kill my ambitions.
I thought that I could never become a leader and communicator, that it was too difficult that it was better to give up before I started. I was right, in part. It was hard, it was the hardest thing I had to do in my life. I’ve wanted to give up time and time again, luckily I’m too proud to give up. But it was all worth it. I hadn’t realized how miserable I was before, how much I held back from being myself. I have overcome my social anxiety and now I want to help other people overcome it too.
Have you ever had a dream or an ambition and found excuses not to do it? “It’s too difficult.’’ “I wouldn’t be able to do it.’’ “I do not have the time.’’
What I hope for you is that you don’t make the same mistake I did, that you don’t let your fear cripple you and prevent you from doing what you really want. I reasoned that if I could do it, so could anyone. And as such, my sincere hope. Is that you too can find greater clarity, more alignment, and a stronger sense of purpose in your life. No matter the situation. Because resilience and greatness await.
Figuring out what you need to do to get your fears out of your life is a process that will take time, effort, and patience — but it’s worth it.
And I’d love to go on that awesome growth journey with you.
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