|   Thank you for your response!

You have just taken a HUGE and important step towards creating the life you want.
I am so excited that you reached out to us!
This contains super important information about next steps for us to work together, so please read it carefully.
Just a heads up, because of the high volume of applications we receive daily, it can take us up to 3 business days to thoughtfully go through your application to see if we would be a good fit for working together.
We've received your application and you'll hear from us soon!
We only work with people we believe will have an amazing transformation from joining our program.
It's our mission to make sure you can transform your life.
In order to do that, this is what we need from you:
1. Total commitment. We need you to want your success as much as we do. If you aren’t committed to becoming a success, we can’t help you.
2. A positive attitude. You will let go of your negative beliefs, it makes the entire journey so much easier. You will experience setbacks and challenges and you will be required to power through them with our incredible support and coaching.
3. Trust the process. We've worked with lots of people to overcome social anxiety. We know what we're doing. Sometimes our process might seem counter-intuitive to you! We need you to trust the process that has led to the success of our clients and trust it will work for you too if you work it.
Just so we're clear, if you work with us, you will find your antidote for social anxiety and be able to live the life you want.
I will be looking at your application soon, so I'll be in touch :)

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